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    Advanced TBM Tunnel Enlargement Method

    Features of the Enlargement


    In LTM, whole enlargement process can be completed in the shortest period by using the bench cut. The upper and the lower half section of tunnel are blasted at once. However, different process of enlargement can be carried out respectively on the upper and the lower half section of tunnel, to reduce the cycle time of enlargement. By applying this concept to the enlargement process, stability of tunnel can be increased considerably, comparing this method with conventional drill and blast method. Thereby, the advance length of a blasting can be maximized without losing the stability of final tunnel.

    Drilling and Blasting

     Difference of blasting mechasnism

    ▣ Existing method

    ▣ New method

    ㆍIn existing methods, the loosened area around a face increases  during blasting since charge holes are drilled longitudinally

    ㆍIn LTM, major direction of crack propagation due to blasting is changed to the front of the face.



    The loosened area around a face can be reduced considerably.-> Rock supporting materials such as shotcrete and rock bolts are minimized

    The vibration and noise at ground surface can be reduced significantly.

    The quantities of explosives are reduced

     Sequence of the blasting

     Blasting pattern

    Muck Removal

     Arrangement of the cables and the muck cars



    ⊙ Ventilation to prevent dust from flowing into the pilot tunnel after blasting

    Main Equipments

    ⊙ the protector (upper&lower ) and the muck car


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